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Maine Central Freight at Pittsfield
Maine Central GP7 569, which was delivered in 1953, leads two other GP7's and an one of MEC's two F3B's through Detroit with a freight for Portland in the summer of 1964.

A Portland bound freight departs Danville Junction after working the interchange with the Grand Trunk Railway in1964. Number 684 is a late model F3A and the GP7 behind it is still in it's as delivered Boston & Maine inspired maroon and yellow paint.

Maine Central Local at Northern Me. Jct.
A short local freight holds the main line at Northern Maine Junction in Hermon while it waits for connecting cars from the Bangor and Aroostook. It's caboose is typical of MEC's World War I era plywood-sheathed cars.

An F3 A and B unit lead a freight from Portland into Bangor yard in 1965. The F units were traded in on GP38 locomotives a year or so later.

E7 number 708 waits to depart Bangor with the mail train which ran for a few years between Bangor and Portland after the end of passenger service.

Number 801, one of only two Alco RS-11's owned by the Maine Central, idles between runs at the Bangor engine house.

Ex Rock Island General Electric U25B number 226 dirties it's fresh Maine Central paint with a plume of black smoke as it pulls up the Bangor yard lead track. Number 226 was the first of the Rock Island units to be repainted in full Maine Central colors.

Maine Central GP7's at Bangor yard
GP7 number 573 trails a U18B and another GP7 as the power off a train from Portland pulls up the Bangor yard switch lead after dropping it's train in the yard. MEC 573 sports a one-of-a-kind "reverse" paint scheme while the other two units are painted in the standard scheme of the 1970's.

General Electric U18B number 406 painted in Guilford colors is the lead unit on a freight about to depart Bangor for Portland. Sister unit 401 in the shadows behind still wears it's original Maine Central paint.

GP7 Number 591 which was purchased second hand from the Louisville and Nashville and rebuilt at MEC's Waterville Shops is on the ready track at the Bangor engine house.

Caboose number 650 brings up the rear of a Bangor to Matawamkeag freight as it leaves Bangor yard. This caboose is one of five which were custom built by the railroad on the underframes of old passenger train head end cars.

Another home built caboose waits for it's train to make a late winter afternoon departure from Bangor yard. Today a single main line track is all that remains of this once busy little yard.

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